AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000 Vs its direct rivals from Intel

The new laptops with AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000 processors with the powerful Zen 2 cores manufactured in 7nm are already on the market and from AMD we get an interesting direct comparison against its Intel rivals. Without a doubt, as we can see in the first filtered performance tests Intel has a very hard rival to beat at the CPU level thanks to its new manufacturing process we have excellent performance per W and on the other hand the integrated Vega GPU sweeps the outdated GPU’s Intel HD Graphics

In the comparative table we can see three families of products differentiated by their consumption where in the most powerful rsector we have the H series with a consumption of 45W TPD that has in its superior model up to 8 cores and 16 threads, a product oriented to Gaming and creators who demand performance. In the most portable sector with the U series we have a consumption of 15W TPD and in the most powerful model it comes with 8 cores and 16 threads. In the most economical sector we have the AMD Athlon processors with a consumption of 15W and we remain in its most powerful version with only two cores and four threads.

In the top tier still remains to be seen the AMD Ryzen 9 4900U model that still offers us more power in the high range. As always we are waiting to see the real price of the products in the market and the real comparatives of performance, but from what we can see we are undoubtedly facing an important schism in the sector. Until Intel jumps to 10nm and offers us a new integrated graphics solution with its XPU GPUs, it will have to suffer to chase its rival AMD in this sector.

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