Amlogic S805X2, a new cheap SoC with AV1 and HDR10 +

Soon we will have a new Android TV-Box in stores with the Amlogic S805X2 SoC, a chip with support for FullHD resolutions and aimed at small-format devices.

We had already seen this new S805X2 SoC announced in some Amlogic leaks, it is an integrated that has low consumption ARM Cortex-35 CPU cores, less powerful than the Cortex-A55 that we have in the S905X3 and S905X4 of the higher range. Despite the power cuts that these changes in hardware represent, we have support for the latest video codecs, such as AV1, a SoC that can give us TV-Box at a low price with interesting multimedia features.

amlogic s805x2 specs

In addition to the commented data, we can see that we have some interesting improvements in this Amlogic S805X2 SoC, we have a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU much more modern and powerful than the usual Mali-450 MP3 in the low-cost boxes and we also have RAM support in more formats.

In the video section is where we have more changes, and we have the inclusion of the AV1 codec that represents the future for many streaming platforms, although h.265 and AV9 still have many years ahead. We also have HDR10 + support that is recently spreading among streaming services to encode your videos.

  • At the moment we have not located any Android TV-Box with this new SoC that is expected for the low range.

amlogic s805x2 vs

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