Beelink announces official support for EmuELEC on its Android TV-Box

If a few months ago the Beelink brand presented its collaboration with the CoreELEC developers to make their Android TV-Box have a Dual OS boot system, now they announce their collaboration with EmuELEC for the same purpose. As we saw a few days ago, the EmuELEC system is one of the most popular in the emulation sector because with this environment we make our TV-Box completely into a fairly complete retro emulation machine.

beelink emuelec n01

The officially supported models are the Beelink GT-King and its Pro version with Solog Amlogic S922X, the small Beelink GT Mini 1 and 2 with SoC Amlogic S905X2 / 3 in addition to the classic Beelink GT1 and Ultimate with SoC S912. You can see the details of these TV-Boxes in our REVIEWS dedicated to these products. Other TV-Box of the brand with generic EmuELEC images is also supported as explained in our installation and use tutorial.

How to use EmuELEC on TV-Box Beelink

  • Follow the steps to create a bootable SD card in our EmuELEC User Guide
  • Beelink GT-King, GT-Mini that mount the S922X, S905X2 and S905X3 SoCs use the IMG files with the letters NG
  • Beelink GT1 and Ultimate with SoC S912, S905X use IMG files marked without NG letters.
  • You have to use the appropriate Device Tree file for our TV-Box, the specific one or the generic one.
  • The EmuELEC system will automatically start the SD card and turn on the TV-Box, if it does not start using the reset button.
  • We can return to Android simply by removing the SD card .

beelink gt king pro review f02 min

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