BLUETTI EB3A an inexpensive and lightweight portable power station

Today we have in the AliExpress Back to School Deals the BLUETTI EB3A portable battery quite cheaper than usual.

The BLUETTI EB3A is a very light power station with an energy storage capacity of 268 Wh that allows charging up to 8 devices simultaneously with a power of up to 600 W and is compatible with most connections on the market. A battery that for its capacity and performance is suitable for a little intensive use, such as camping, a picnic, at home for emergencies or use it with a small camper van.

For this battery we have at our disposal the BLUETTI APP that connects to the battery via Bluetooth and allows us to consult all the parameters of charge/discharge of the battery and other useful data. At the design level in the BLUETTI EB3A we have a main body and plastic with a front LED panel with all the information and at the top a handle for transport. Its dimensions are 255 x 180 x 183 mm, its weight is 10 p / 4.6 kg.


Specifications of the BLUETTI EB3A station

The BLUETTI EB3A portable battery has a capacity of 268 Wh with LiFePO4 batteries and includes a bi-directional inverter. The maximum power output is 600 W and supports peaks of up to 1200 W. This allows to keep on charging a laptop PC up to 3.5 times, use a mini fridge for 3.6 hours or light a 5W light bulb for 30 hours. On the other hand, the battery life is increased to more than 2500 charge cycles while maintaining 80% of the original capacity.

For recharging (up to 1.2 hours), we can use from any wall socket, the car cigarette lighter 12 V/10, a portable generator and solar panels with an output power of up to 200W. The latter is an interesting combination for use in the countryside, camping or any outing where we need power outside daylight hours. By the way, it also allows simultaneous charging from an AC outlet and solar panels and thus shortening the recharge time to 1.2V.

Connectors and other features

In terms of connectors, the BLUETTI EB3A has 8 power outlets. In total we have a 12V/10A car charger, two DC 5521 of 12V/10A, two other USB-A of 5V/3A, a USB Type-C with fast PD charging up to 100 W and 2 European AC connectors of 220V-240V.

Note that the battery has a BMS management system that protects it from overcharging, dangerous overheating, overvoltage, short circuits … and has a 2-year warranty.

Price and availability

  • The BLUETTI EB3A portable power station can be purchased on sale on AliExpress only for $145 including shipping, applying the coupon US40.
  • You can also check the Aliexpress Back to School coupons for bigger discounts.

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