Chinese New Year 2018, how can affects our online purchases?

As every year at this time comes the Chinese New Year, an event that completely paralyzes this country and affects all of our purchases but also the products or services that depend directly on it. Today, China is present in our daily lives, in the purchases we make online, in many of the websites or physical stores that we have in our environment if we live in a city or in the distribution channels that have direct contact with this country, is better to know for how many time and how we will be affected for this event.

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When is the Chinese New Year in 2018?

This year is the year of the dog and the holidays of the new year begin in China on February 15 and have a holiday period of 7 days, although in Hong Kong or Singapore they start on the 16th and last only 3 days. For practical purposes, this vacation begins a few days earlier because the population begins to make trips to their hometown and has another week’s hangover, since all the logistics system does not begin to move immediately. For practical purposes we can say that the whole month of February is difficult to perform any transaction with the China stores.

Buying tips in the Chinese New Year

If you are going to buy something or you have not heard and you have found yourself buying in the middle of the Chinese New Year, we are going to recommend you keep in mind some key points so as not to despair in this period.

  • If we have to buy in the Chinese new year term better to go to a store with stock in Europe, something that is becoming more common every day in large Chinese online stores such as o that have products in their US or Europe warehouses.
  • If by necessity we are going to buy in China we must take into account that services such as China Post, Hong Kong post or other Asian countries in the area will be paralyzed for at least 15 days.
  • Before buying anything make sure by chat with our online store about how is the stock of the product that interests us and what is the shipping system that will be used for that particular order.
  • First of all patience, a lot of patience. If it does not arrive on the agreed date, as always, open a dispute for the available means of the store that we are using.

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