Coolbaby RS-50 a portable retroconsole for only $11

New candy for lovers of retro as we find on the Aliexpress the Coolbaby RS-50 a small console with Game Boy design that includes so we curiously see games of the NES 8 bits. A product of low price of Chinese origin, only $11.14, from which we can not expect much in terms of materials and finishes and that we can find under multiple names like Ragebee and that we found in a little more expensive but with 777 games Naturally in this small console we cannot alter your software as in other more expensive retro consoles, but for its price we cannot ask for much.

Ragebee retro


The Coolbaby RS-50 has a 3.0-inch TFT screen and the games included in the flash memory are 500 NES games and we assume that the emulation system is a NES on Chip. The battery is removable, has a capacity of 800mAh and is recharged by the microUSB port that includes the console next to which we have a port for 3.5mm audio and video output. The exterior appearance is very similar to that of a Game Boy, with a mini speaker in one corner, although it has 3 more buttons and its weight is 80g.

Price and availability

  • The NES portable game console Coolbaby RS-50 with 500 games can be purchased on for only $11.14 with shipping included.

Ragebee 777 retrogame

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