Cortex-X1, Cortex-A78, Mali-G78 and Mali-G68 ARM news for 2021

ARM has just presented its new generation of CPU and GPU cores that we will see implemented in the SoCs for the next 2021. As always, a new step forward for ARM with improvements in power, energy efficiency and that are focused on being implemented in the new SoC manufactured in 5nm.

ARM Cortex X1

ARM Cortex-X1

The most powerful ARM nucleus that we are going to see facing 2021 and that surpasses the Cortex-A77 by 30%. A nucleus that we will only see in the higher ranges, such as the next Snapdragon 875, although it could also be oriented to implement in SoC intended for laptops with 5G connectivity where battery saving is not as critical as in a smartphone.

ARM Cortex-A78

This CPU core is an evolution of the Cortex-A77, which it improves according to ARM by approximately 20%. As always happens in this generation, the leap in energy efficiency is very interesting and according to ARM we have an improvement in this regard that amounts to 50% compared to the Cortex-A77 cores. On the other hand, the Cortex-A78 are designed to be combined with the Cortex-A55 low consumption cores with the usual big.LITTLE technology.

arm cortex a78 n02

ARM Mali-G78

This new graphics chip implements improvements over the Mali-G77 GPU that ARM quantifies in a 15% performance level, 10% improvement in energy efficiency and 15% in AI. The Mali-G78 can have a cluster with 24 cores. Modest figures for this new generation of GPUs that in the real world will be little noticeable.

ARM Mali-G68

A mid-range GPU that is basically a Mali-G78 that seems to only cut the number of maximum cores that it can implement that are reduced to 6, while the G78 can have up to 24.

Mali G78

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