Prime Day: Crucial and WD drives at historic low prices

Thanks to the Prime Day deals we can get a Crucial or Western Digital disk at the lowest price, renew your storage without going broke.

Undoubtedly two brands that offer good warranty in the disk sector are Crucial and WD, now we have a good time to save a good handful of euros and expand or improve our storage. We have SSD disks in various formats and also the classic mechanical hard drives. Depending on whether we are going to use it as a system disk, for games or simply to store large amounts of data, we will choose one or the other.

crucial wd ssd

Crucial disks on offer

The Crucial brand offers a wide range of products, undoubtedly stand out for their SSD drives that we find in various formats, from the conventional 2.5″ SATA format for older systems to the NVMe format model that will give us the top speed we need for our system.

Crucial’s active deals

crucial bx500 1tb

Western Digital disks on Prime Day

The Western Digital brand also joins the Prime Day offers with reduced prices on their disks. They offer us their classic book format with large capacity mechanical disks inside, a type of units ideal for those who want to store Teras of movies or multimedia content locally.

Best discounts for WD

WD Elements 4 TB

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