DEAL: The new Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 3 just for $25.95

Today we offer to you a good deal for the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sports wristband, the heiress of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 2, is fast decreasing in price and today we can get it for just $25.95 (22,57€) on A new version that improves on its OLED panel, the main weak point of the previous Xiomi Mi Band 2, renews its design and significantly increases its protection against water.

Xiaomi Mi band 3 1

In the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a larger screen than the previous model, an OLED of 0.78 inches while the internal battery of now 110 mAh can give us a range of up to 20 days or more, as in the model previous. His body also presents a great novelty and is that now has resistance to submerge up to 50 m, a good addition.

At the level of available functions we still have the wide variety that we had in the Mi Band 2 that have been gradually enhanced with the Mi Fit app, compatible with Android or iOS Smartphones, an app that receives constant improvements and with which we can synchronize via Bluetooth.

  • We already have the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to book in some stores of Aliexpress for a price of $25.95 (22,57€) for the model without NFC with the shipping costs included.

Mi band 3 waterprof

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