Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds, new noise canceling earphones

New and interesting Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds on introductory offer. For a short period we have for only $36 these earphones with high performance.

The Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds are earphones with a very neat design, as we can see. They stand out for their ANC noise cancellation system thanks to the four built-in microphones. In addition, these earphones have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, a technology that offers a fast response in games. They also offer excellent sound thanks to their 12 mm Dynamic drivers and Balanced Armature Driver design.

Donner DouBuds One earbuds

Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds Specifications

The Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds offer the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity system, thanks to this technology we have a low power consumption and low latency for gaming, in addition to an improved range. Thanks to the dynamic drivers with 12 mm in diameter that integrates we have a powerful sound, the Balanced Armature Driver offers compensation across the range of sounds, we can hear from treble to bass tones perfectly.

We have a system of four microphones that are responsible for capturing our voice and also the external sound. Thanks to its active noise cancellation system we can reduce external noise by -30dB in the range 80Hz 2KHz, ideal for public transport, airplanes or noisy work environment.

Donner DouBuds One anc

As for autonomy, these earphones integrate a battery that allows us to play music for up to 8 hours autonomously and if we use the battery of the case we have an extra charge for about 24 hours. If we activate the ANC noise cancellation the autonomy is considerably reduced, we must take this into account. In the case we have a USB Type-C connector compatible with fast charging, with only 10 minutes of charging we have up to 2 extra hours of autonomy.

We have a control app that allows us to manage in detail the earphones, it is possible to change the noise cancellation mode or activate the transparent mode. We can also control the earphones with its side button and depending on the type of press it is possible to perform various functions. We have a sensor to detect if we have them in use and thus not to execute erroneous commands when removing them.

Price and availability

  • The new Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds can be purchased on Amazon only for $36 with free shipping included using the code -10% DONNEREB + store coupon.

Donner DouBuds One

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