FIRMWARE: TANIX TX6 with Allwinner H6 SoC and Android 9 (04-15-2019)

You can download today a new OTA BETA Update based on ANDROID 9 for the Box Tanix TX6 that includes SoC Allwinner H64 GB of DDR3 RAM on the motherboard and 32 GB of eMMC storage. This box comes with a MIMO 2 × 2 aC WiFi adapter with external antenna and Bluetooth 4.1 on board. In terms of connectivity, it includes a 10/100 network port, SPDIF digital audio output, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0, an HDMI 2.0a video output and an SPDIF audio jack.  Read our REVIEW for more details.

Tanix TX6 Allwinner H6

Update Process

OTA Update

  • Copy the UPDATE.ZIP of the update to the root of a USB memory and connect it to the TV-Box.
  • Restart the TV-Box and it will start the update automatically.
  • If it fails we can update it using the UPDATE app of the TV-Box by selecting the ZIP.


  • Fixed heating of the TV-Box
  • Fixed random sounds
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Romeo Schmidt

FIle not found.


Link updated.
You have this version too: