FIRMWARE: TV-Box UGOOS AM3 with S912 SoC (v2.1.6)

Now you have ready to download the version 2.1.6 of firmware valid for the Ugoos AM3 TV-box based on Android 7.1.2. A Mediaplayer with SoC S912 Octa Core from Amlogic and that includes 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 16GB of storage memory, Dual Band WiFi and Gigabit Network interface among others.

  • The TV-Box Ugoos AM3 can be purchased at from $ 89.99 free shipping included.

Ugoos AM3

Update Process


1. Fixed video playback freezes
2. Fixed freezes of system
3. Fixed 5 GHz Wi-Fi problem
4. Added switcher for support old routers (Settings -> Network)
5. Fixed screen position setting. Now it’s saved for all resolutions
6. Some improvements of system automatic frame rate function
7. Added support for many devices (gamepads, etc)
8. HardwareMonitor. Changed ip address function. Now showing only wifi or ethernet IP address
9. Fixed SPMC bug when video size not change if use system Auto Frame Rate function
10. Fixed going to sleep if disabled screensaver
11. Fixed gamepad settings work
12. Updated Ugoos Log Viewer:
– fixed some bugs
– now the kernel logs are written as they are received
13. Added ability choose delay of returning display settings after AFR (Playback settings)
14. Fixed YouTube playback problems
15. Fixed cpu0 load

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