1. Fixed switching audio tracks (passthrough)
2. Added DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD passthrough support in Kodi, VLC
3. Fixed IPTV fps problem when starting a channel
4. Many other video codec fixes
5. Fixed waking up in different apps
6. Added new HDMI CEC options
7. Updated icons “Back”, “Home”, “Recents”
8. Fixed interface rotation problem if use quick panel button
9. Added USB Realtek Ethernet support
10. Added Ugoos Launcher as pre-installed application
11. Other system stability changes

1. Fixed video rotation
2. Fixed video scaling higher than 100%
3. Added write permissions to external storages for applications
4. Fixed button loss for input devices settings
5. Added buttons MOVE_END, MOVE_HOME, F2-F5 for input devices settings
6. Removed camera event when double press the power button
7. Added default keylayout for g20s air mouse
8. Fixed air mouse microphone