Firmware Update Guide for Android TV-Box with Rockchip SoC

Today we present a tutorial to update, recover or unbrick with a firmware file our Android TV-Box with SoC Rockchip like RK3066 / RK3368 / RK3228 / RK3229 / RK3328 / RK3399 in a simple way, we will need a PC for this firmware update procedure.

  • FIND A FIRMWARE: You can use the search of our web, if we do not have it published we don’t have it, ask to your shop
  • NOTE: AndroidPCtv is not responsible for problems that may cause a firmware change.


  • Method 1-A = I have a single file with .img extension (you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)
  • Method 1-B = I have a single file with .img extension (you need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)
  • Method 2 = I have a single file with .zip extension you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)


  • If the TV Box works well for our needs DO NOT UPDATE
  • If we don’t know what we are doing DO NOT UPDATE
  • If our TV-Box don’t work and does’t have reset button DO NOT TRY TO UPDATE , claim to the store.
  • Disconnect any other Android device that we have connected.
  • You always have to use a USB 2.0 connector (higher compatibility).
  • There are many TV-Boxes especially the cheap ones that are copies called ” clones ” that are incompatible with the official roms of the original models and can leave useless our TV Box or do not work the WIFI. It is impossible to know if we have a clone or not without opening the device and comparing it with another original. We recommend buying devices in the stores we recommend and if possible only known models from trusted brands.
  • If you do not find firmware for your model you may not have any brand support.


  • Method 1-A = I have a single file with .img extension (you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)


  • Read the first point of this guide
  • Download drivers Rockchip Create Upgrade v1.46
  • PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • MicroSD or SD card reader
  • SD card formatted in FAT32

SD card creation notes

  • If the method does not work with one card try another, some may be not compatible
  • You always have to run the program as ADMINISTRATOR
  • If this process does not work use method 1-B of this same guide

Prepare SD card to update TV-Box with SoC Rockchip

  1. Unzip the Rockchip Create Upgrade v1.46
  2. Locate where you have the firmware file in * .img format
  3. We start the Rockchip Create Upgrade program as the ADMINISTRATOR (right click on “SD_Firmware_Tool.exe”)
    In the program we select:
    – Drive where we have connected the SD card
    – Activate the SD BOOT option in the program menu
    – Path where we have the IMG file
  4. Press the RESTORE button and the process of creating the SD card will start, it may take several minutes.
  5. With the TV-Box turned off introduce the SD card.
  6. Keep the reset button pressed and without releasing it we connect the TV-Box to the electricity to boot it.
  7. Automatically the update process will start, we must have patience it can take several minutes.
  8. To the terminal the process remove the SD card.
  9. We recommend doing a factory reset when Android boot: Settings> Backup> Reset


  • Method 1-B = I have a single file with .img extension (you need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)


Connection notes

  • Each TV-Box has a specific PC connection port.
    We have to test the flash process with all ports, USB, microUSB or USB Type-C.
  • If our PC does not detect the TV-Box we recommend using another PC
  • We may have problems with our PC if we have previously installed another program to update an Android mobile phone or other similar device.
  • If one method gives you an error try the next one.

Installing Rockchip Drivers

  1. Start the program for the Rockchip Drivers “driverinstall.exe” (execute like Administrator with right button of the mouse in Windows), press in Install
  2. In the Windows security message click on Install
  3. Close the drivers program
  4. Reboot the PC

1-B-1 Update Procedure for a TV-Box with RK Batch Tool

    1. Disconnect the power cord on the Rockchip TV-Box
    2. Start the program RK Batch Tool with the “RKBatchTool.exe
    3. Click on the Firmware button “…”
    4. Select the Firmware file with extension “. img “and will be loaded on the screen.
    5. Hold the reset button on the device and connect with a correct USB cable on our PC (buy it at Aliexpress or Amazon)
    6. The update program will detect the device almost instantly in one USB position (In the TV-Box we will have the black screen, if it enters the recovery is NOT correct)
    7. Select the RESTORE option and begin the update process
    8. When finished, a green message will appear.
    9. Wait for the system to restart and show us the Android desktop, this can take about 5 to 10 minutes.


1-B-2 Update using a PC for TV-Box with Factorytool

  1. Disconnect the Rockchip device from the power and run Factorytool v1.6
  2. First we upload the firmware in IMG format (1) and change to Restore mode (2)
  3. Hold the reset button on the device and connect with a correct USB cable on our PC (buy it at Aliexpress or Amazon)
  4. The update program will detect the device almost instantly in one USB position (In the TV-Box we will have the black screen, if it enters the recovery is NOT correct)
  5. Click on the RUN button (3), at the end it will give us OK.
  6. Wait for the system to restart and show us the Android desktop, this can take from 5 to 10 minutes approximately.

1-B-3 Update using a PC for TV-Box with RKDevTool

  1. Disconnect the Rockchip device from the power and run RKDevtool executing AndroidTool.exe.
  2. Change to the Upgrade Firmware section.
  3. First load the firmware with *.img file.
  4. Hold the reset button on the device and connect with a cable from a USB of our TV-Box to a USB port on our PC (* See the previous connection notes if we have questions).
  5. The update program will detect the device (In the TV-Box we will have the black screen, if it enters the recovery is NOT correct).
  6. Press Upgrade button and wait to complete the operation.


  • Method 2 = I have a single file with .zip extension you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)
    1. Copy in the root of our SD or USB the .zip file of the update (depends on the TV-Box one or the other is used, try both)
    2. From the Android system of our TV-Box we go to Settings, depending on the model we have one option or another, examples:
      – Application update in the list of apps
      – Settings> About the device> Update
      – Some TV-Box with the Zip in the root of the SD or USB with the flash button pressed when starting take the update
    3. When you ask for the zip file, we select it and click on load
    4. The update process will begin on restart
    5. Once finished we recommend doing a factory reset inside Settings> Backup


If our TV-Box is not recovered by any flash method we may be trying to update in the wrong way, it is advisable to repeat the previous instructions step by step, if it still does not recover we recommend reading the following guide.


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Mauritz Kruger

Hi, I bought a HK1Max start of 2021 and tried updating the firmware using this article, method 2 as I have the zip downloaded. When I go to Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Update, it checks for updates, but then states ‘Regular updates have ended for this device’

How can I update as my DSTV Now app does not even want to start up


Hi. I bought a H96 Max RK3318 with Android 9 from Gearbest on sale for 19.99 USD mid November 2019, and can’t reinstall any App’s and is considering a firmware flash.

Will you recommend one of your update methods or to use the H96 I downloaded togetter with new Firmware img

I both have a spare USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 cable and a USB to SD Card reader, but prefer not to update my Windows 10 USB drivers. Which update steps will you recommend?

Regards Carsten.


try to fix my A5X android tvbox ,my tv screen turn green after every 30 to 40 minutes work
any help


Used the 1A method, upon clicking “Restore”, it immediately finishes and the SD card is empty, its not writng anything to my SD cards

Roshan Wagh

I’m Using H96 Max Box With AV Port On Old Crt TV. It’s Been 10 Month I’ve Used This Box. The Box Was Work Flawlessly From 10 Month, But After System Update Box Get Power Off After 15 Minutes Only For One Time Then It Switch To Restricted Profile Mode Like It Shows ‘Switching To User01’ And Till The Box Switched To Another Three New Users Automatically Please Help Me With That. I Have Also Tried Factory Reset But Nothing Changed Yet, Still Its Switches To Restricted Profile. I’ve Also Tried To Wipe Data Which Is Hard Reset But Still… Read more »


I have a T9 4GB/64GB TV BOX (RK3328) TV stick, it got bricked. I searched the internet and tried many methods to recover it, but failed, please help if you know a better solution. I used RKBatchTool to restore it, and got a blue square, but after I click “restore” button, it failed at “Prepare idb fail” I also tried RK Android Tool, and Factory Tool my stick is loaded as “Found one MASKROM Device”. I played around the tool, but every time it failed at the same reason “Prepare idb fail “. I have no ideas, anyone please help!… Read more »


flashed firmware on Mxq 4k rk3229 box with your method 1.B.1 green light said success 1 fail 0, but on restart it still wont boot, infact it goes straight to recovery screen without pressing reset button and continues to say failed to mount SD card, no such device, i need help


Rockchip OR2000

Mehmet çubukçu

Hk1 3318 tv box ekran camında kırmızı ışık yanıyor sürekli açılmıyor cihazı nasıl sıfırlarız bilen varmı teşekkürler


Hey I have the h96max rk3318 I followed the advise fron your page for rock chip but It says failed in red. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong thank

Miguel Angel Medina Torales

I bought hk1 rk3318 mini+ but it doesn’t work for me. It just lights a red LED but doesn’t turn on the tv box. I need upload the firmware

I have the same problem I took the current hk1 3318 software was normal after the red screen burned device does not turn on do we know what to do return to us

As clown

New power plug

Mehmet çubukçu

Yeni fiş taktım aynısı oluyor kırmızı ışık yanıyor çalışmıyor

Mehmet çubukçu

Hk1 tv box aynı cihazdan bende var ekranda kırmızı ışık yanıyor cihaz çalışmıyor nasıl tamir edilir bilginiz varmı.

Andy FPV

Hi will this firmware work for this box?

H96 MAX RK3318 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 5G WIFI bluetooth 4.0 Android 9.0 4K VP9 H.265 TV Box – EU

sakis pepas

it does not recovery H96 max plus 4/32 why;


Hello, I have T95N Box with 2GB/8GB and need new firmware to install with the Burning tool.
Can you send me link, for the right firmware. I found only for the 1 GB RAM, it works, but very slow.



John Malady

I have a MECOOL KM9 Android TV box just purchase when you go to the recovery mode it states missing text files when it comes on he has a picture but it is red lines and green lines any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated now went in recovery mode it does say writing text files but there seems to be no progress I do not have a PC all I have is a couple of Android phones is there a way to install new firmware using an Android phone

Vicente Alonso

Using 1-B-2 Update using a PC for TV-Box with Factorytool I could recover my T9 4GB + 64GB.
Thank you for this guide.


alguien tiene el firmware para mxq pro 4k 1g/8g rockchip rk322x android 7.1.2????


Hola necesito el firmware de la t9 rk3328 4gb 64gb v9 android 8.1 oreo por favor te lo agradesco


difficile pour moi de trouver le firmware MXQ pro max rk3328
Quelqu’un peut m’aider?

Sérgio Mello

Good night, I have a TV BOX A5X MAX PLUS RK3328 and it does not turn on, it is only with the red light on, I have previously reset via AV input and via SD nothing happened, checking on YouTube and other information, I knew that I could reset via card, but I do not know the correct location. Could someone help me or tell me where I can find this information. Thank you.

triplex gr

With RK Batch Tool 1st time and RKDevTool 2nd all good but I only see it T9 logo.
What firmware is this?
I have T9 TvBox 4G and 64G
O.k i have 1st picture on my tv.
All are o.k in my box


DOWNLOAD. firmware. Android 9.0 ZIP. TV BOX A5X MAX. ZIP. ???


Firmware A5x Max Android 9.0. ZIP. Download ?????

Jeff Halmos

Is it possible to do this update with only Macs?


Hi my box isx96 my methaboar is X96_mini_v1 no amlogic chip but is rockchip rk3229 whit 2g 16g where is the firmware for my box? Please help my thanks


Hello everyone I hope to be in the right place, I have a problem with my box, I should restore it but I need the firmware, the box is this: X96_mini_v1 Nucleo: Quad core
CPU: ARM Cortex-A7
GPU: Mali-400 MP
Modello: X96
Tipo RAM: DDR3
Tipo di Sciarba: TV Box
Processore: Rk3229
Help me for the firmware thanks


Someone please help me. I can’t get my H96 max+ 4k64gb TV box to work. It works for some things but not others. When I open Netflix it won’t let me scroll down or over I’m just Frozen on the same screen. But it will let me hit the back button or the home button to get out of it. And on YouTube I can scroll through and look at what I want, but I can’t search for anything. And how do I get the keyboard to work?


trouble finding firmware for mxq pro 4k rk3229 android 7 any help


same issue here , but found mxq 4k not pro


WiFi and Bluetooth no more working after firmware update.

I flashed all of the available firmware images:
– RK3328_DC_H96_MAX+_noaddon_SSV6051_RTL8189_8.1.0_20181215.1524.img
– RK3328_DC_H96_MAX+_SSV6051_RTL8189_8.1.0_20181117.1536.img
– RK3328_H96_MAX+_SSV6051_RTL8189_8.1.0_20181008.2258.img

But nothing changes. Wifi and Bluetooth still doesn’t work. When I try to turn on WiFi switch on Android menu it turns off itself.

Tony Mee

Hi Michele. I had the exact same problem, but after much trawling of google, I found a whole bunch of firmwares at the following address!B8gBhAKD!bZHKBR5FhfIAc93zd0aE6Q.
The one that worked for me was RK3328_DC_H96_MAX+_HS2734_8.1.0_20181108.2206
Hope this helps.


Hello ,
thanks for the detailed description, but unfortuneately , none of the options works for me .
i tried to upgrade a T9 Rockchip 3328 Device , but in the androidtool , factory tools etc . the device appaers only for 1-2 seconds as adb device then it disappears immediately and i cannot start the upgrade
does anyone knows how to fix this ?

best regards


A5X MAX 4GB / 32GB RK3328 4K TV BOX 7.1 – FIRMWARE UPDATE 20180613 (OREO 8.1)

I just installed this new firmware and without any problems with tools , but at the time of restarting the TV box with the 8.1, the red light turns blue but only about 5 seconds and returns to the red color, not restarting the firmware . It’s like checking the new firmware some hardware is not correct and does not let restart, I think.
Any solution ?


Of course !!

Matias Seoane

i´ve done everything but my box still doesnt turn on (still just blue light). I´m kind of freaking up

Any ideas?

Matias Ariel Seoane

Yeah… that´s what I am most afraid of. Can´t do that, I bought it abroad because Amazon doesnt deliver here.


i’m looking for firmware for recovery i68 chip rk3368 android tv box which it does not work. the original rom 5.1.1 is…LMY49F.eng.jw20160602.183532release
thank you very much if you can provide to me.


Did you try inserting a toothpick in the av socket while unplugged and holding it and connecting the power cable and powering it on?

Sammy Lee

Hi, is it at all possible to flash the firmware if my box does not have a reset button or a hole? I have a MX10 box that has this chipset, but it does not have a reset button or a hole. I have tried the first method but nothing happens. I can’t try the second method since it does not boot up at all. thank you.