Changelog 25.10.2020 v.0.3.1
1. Added support of multichannel PCM audio in HDMI
2. Fixed playing of big MP4 HTTP streams
3. Fixed HDR10+ work
4. Added conversion from HDR10+ to HDR10, if not supported
5. Now, Dolby Vision enables only when source is Dolby Vision and added setting for force enable Dolby Vision
6. Added conversion from Dolby Vision to HDR10 if TV not support Dolby Vision and support HDR10
7. Hide Dolby Vision settings in case if not supported by device
8. Disabled SDR to HDR by default
9. Added color mode setting for 4k50-60 Hz modes
10. Some changes of color modes in auto mode for bad HDMI cables
11. Some visual changes of Color mode settings
12. Fixed some HDMI hotplug bugs
13. Added saving resolution and color modes for OTA updates
14. Added write to external storages permissions for apps (CIFS, NFS clients)
15. Added security option to CIFS client (Authentication protocol)
16. Added support of SMB2, SMB3 to CIFS client
17. Fixed getting state of client (CIFS, NFS) if there are spaces in name of shared folder
18. Fixed long shutdown if CIFS client connected via Wi-Fi
19. Fixed bug of general unmount for CIFS, NFS clients
20. Some improvements of mount CIFS, NFS clients after network connect
21. Changed some strings for CIFS, NFS clients settings
22. Fixed saving volume level for bluetooth devices
23. Fixed SPDIF passthrough for using auto surround setting
24. Added ability mute of HDMI and SPDIF sound
25. Moved power action settings from Screen saver to Power in TvSettings
26. Added 1 minute for screensaver timer
27. Added 5 setting volume regulator steps
28. Added Belarus localization support
29. Some improvements of Update Service
30. Fixed location settings for new google play services
31. Hide virtual device of ATV remote service in Gamepad settings, Input devices settings
32. Fixed rare bug when display mode did not return with system AFR function
33. Fixed SPDIF sound clicks on X3

And 0.3.1 additional updates
1. Fixed CPU load problem
2. Re-hide Dolby Vision settings