H96 Max M9 the first Android Box with Rockchip RK3576

Already available in stores for purchase, the first Android Box we see with the new Octa Core Rockchip RK3576 processor, called H96 Max M9.

A SoC that until now we had only seen in development boards and the like, and now seems to be making the leap to the TV-Box. This is a chip with 2 clusters where we find old cores such as ARM Cortex-A72 and ARM Cortex-A53, although at least they are manufactured in 8nm, nothing new under the sun. The operating system is up-to-date with Android 14, and we see that it has support for AV1, AVS2 codecs… and a 6 TOPS NPU for artificial intelligence work.

Of the rest of the configuration of the H96 Max M9 only note that as minimally differentiating elements includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.4 and a Gigabit network port. There are few new features in the Rockchip RK3576 that justify a gap in the TV-Box and tablet market, where we are also sure to see it appear.

H96 MAX M9 RK3576 android box

H96 Max M9 Specifications

Inside the Android Box H96 Max M9 we find the new Rockchip RK3576 SoC manufactured in 8nm. This chip is an Octa Core with 4 ARM Cortex-A72 processors that reach a maximum speed of 2.2 Ghz and 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores that reach a maximum speed of 1.8 Ghz. For the iGPU this time we have opted for an ARM MALI-G52 MC3 and how could it be otherwise we have a 6 TOPS NPU for iA tasks.

For RAM, we have options with 2/4/8 GB and for storage we find versions with 16/32/128 GB. If we want to expand the storage, we will have to use one of the two available USB ports by connecting a pendrive for example.

Other notable features

For wireless connectivity, we have a good endowment thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.4. The connectors are located on the back of its plastic case and are a SPDIF digital audio output, a USB 3.0, another USB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, Gigabit network port and an HDMI 2.1 video output connector.

Power supply, HDMI cable and a remote control with built-in microphone for use with voice assistants are included.

Price and where to buy

  • The TV-Box H96 Max M9 with Rockchip RK3576 SoC can be purchased from Geekbuying starting at $75 with free shipping.
  • Soon available on AliExpress.

H96 MAX M9 RK3576

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