LEMFO F15 a low-cost sports smartwatch with a carbon fiber body

New Smartwatch with the name LEMFO F15, a product that stands out from the rest for its colorful sports design and its carbon fiber back shell. A material that is being adopted in this sector for its good resistance and which is a valid alternative to metal thanks to its minimal weight.

LEMFO F15 sports watch has sensors to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and pedometer with which we can measure our physical activity. As always we have a control app available with multiple activity profiles. The display on this watch is completely round and has interchangeable dials.

LEMFO F15 pre n01


At the screen level, this LEMFO F15 has a 1.3″ color IPS HD model that has a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels. The upper metal case has an angled perimeter and has straps in five different colors. The integrated battery is 180mAh and will give us an approximate autonomy of about 15 days on standby or 5/6 days in basic mode using the sensors.

As for the processor in this watch, we have the HS6620 SoC, with Bluetooth 4.0 and has the capacity to monitor multiple sports, in addition to the typical functions that this type of smart watch has, such as a step counter, alarms, song control or call announcements. The control and monitoring app is available for iOS and Android.

Price and availability

  • The LEMFO F15 smartwatch is available on Aliexpress.com only for $19.99 (€18.7) with free shipping and we have purchase options in five colors.

LEMFO F15 pre n02

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