Makibes T20 a new and exclusive smartwatch with AMOLED curved screen

The Makibes T20 is the first AMOLED curved screen smartwatch that we see beyond the big brands, without a doubt this is the precedent of what we will see in the market in a few weeks under the umbrella of different Chinese brands.

As you have seen, the Makibes T20 includes as a strong point a flexible curved AMOLED colour screen, which is supposed to allow us to read it correctly even in bright sunlight. Beyond the novelty of the flexible display, which enables a more ergonomic overall design, we have a sensor for blood pressure measurement and monitoring of 15 sports.

 Makibes T20


The Makibes T20 Smartwatch includes a flexible touch screen of the AMOLED type with a size of 1.5″ inches and its body includes IP67 protection certification. As a motor it includes the Nordic nRF52840 SoC, which has a low-power processor with ARM Cortex-M4F core, 64 kB of RAM, 512 kB of RAM and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to pair it with your app.

As sensors, we have a heart rate meter, pedometer and it includes a sedentary alarm and sleep control among many other functions. This smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 or higher and has an app for configuration on Google Play. The battery of this smartwatch is 140mAh and it will last us about 7 days depending on the use.

Price and availability

  • The Makibes T20 Smartwatch can be pre-ordered at the online store for $79.99 with free shipping.

Makibes T20 smartwatch

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