MEDIATEK also prepares its ARM processors for Windows

The end of Qualcomm’s exclusivity contract with Microsoft is approaching, and MEDIATEK is preparing to break into the Windows theatre of operations with its embedded products.

According to Reuters, next year 2025 will see the arrival of Mediatek’ s Windows-ready ARM chips. According to statements by executives, the company is already developing a new series of processors ready to run Windows. This announcement is part of the company’s expansionist logic and its fight for a juicy sector, in which Qualcomm is already ahead thanks to the brave bet it made years ago in the face of the scepticism and laughter of many.

mediatek windows

Windows on ARM processors

The first new generation Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors will be available in a few days, so we could soon see more chip manufacturers with alternatives for laptops and desktop PCs. Undoubtedly, Mediatek’s entry into this battle is good news, as Mediatek’s chips will be cheaper than Qualcomm’s, which will drive prices down and boost the development of more powerful and energy-efficient chips.

We expect the processors to offer us products at competitive prices, something that for now Snapdragon has not been able to do, as we have seen. As of today, any Intel/AMD Windows computer is better priced than an ARM Windows laptop, without having problems with emulation and incompatibility of apps or drivers.

windows arm pc

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