MIIIW Air 85 a Bluetooth mini keyboard signed by Xiaomi

We already have a new wireless keyboard for sale that comes to us from a brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem called MIIIW Air 85. This is not the first wireless keyboard the MIIIW brand, since it has some more on the market although not this size, and It incorporates dual connectivity by Bluetooth and by means of the wireless USB module that it incorporates.

A small keyboard made of aluminum and ABS plastic is designed to work on multiple OS, including Android, since it allows us to switch between them thanks to a special key that configures it specifically for different environments.



The MIIIW Air 85 mini keyboard as its name suggests has 85 keys with a thickness of 7.8mm, with a central depression and rounded corners made of hard plastic. It is powered by an AA battery, on the back it has a foot that gives it an elevation of 8º and its measurements are 320.5 x 125.5 x 24.5mm and the weight is 495g.

It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS operating systems and includes a key to switch between them and is available in black and pink colors. The key layout is in English, something to consider before purchasing it.

Price and availability

MIIIW 85 xiaomi bluetooth

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