MIYOO Mini+ now on sale on AliExpress at a great price

We can now buy the new and long-awaited MIYOO Mini+ vertical retroconsole in AliExpress and, incidentally, benefit from its anniversary coupons.

The MIYOO Mini+ is an evolution of the MIYOO Mini that has garnered such good sales where the screen grows to 3.5 inches, Wi-Fi is added, and the battery is now 3000 mAh. The Miyoo Mini software is compatible with Miyoo Mini+ and the design changes in some points, improving ergonomics while improving the crosshead and buttons. As a system we have the well-known Retroarch although Koriki is expected to come out soon for this Miyoo, with which we will have a notable improvement.

A very interesting portable console in this new version that is at a great price thanks to AliExpress coupons.


MIYOO Mini+ Specifications

The MIYOO Mini+ has a 3.5″ inch OCA IPS screen with a good resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. To move the emulated titles, it has two Cortex-A7 cores that reach up to 1.2 GHz. Enough hardware to move 16bit consoles, even PS1, but perhaps with somewhat low fps.

The RAM is 256 MB DDR3, and we have Retroarch Linux as an operating system, a system that will be able to get more performance than Android on this very limited hardware.

As for the control, it has a directional pad, four front buttons, four rear buttons, Start and Select buttons, as well as a menu button. Regarding connectivity, we have a micro SD card reader, HDMI output and a USB Type-C charging port for its removable 3000 mAh internal battery with a range of up to 5 hours. The audio section is discreet with a single and small 1 W speaker in the front area.

Price and availability

MIYOO Mini retro

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