NEW FIRMWARE: Himedia Q5 Pro with SoC Hisilicon Hi3798CV200 (V.2.0.8)

Today you can download today a new firmware v.2.0.8 based on Android 7.0 valid for the TV-Box Himedia Q5 Pro with SoC Hisilicon Hi3798CV200, which also includes support for natively browsing in Blu-ray menus. The Himedia Q5 Pro is a high quality TV-Box and given excellent results in video playback and multi channel audio files.

Himedia Q5


Update process

  1. Download the file “”, don’t unzip.
  2. Copy to the root folder of a USB stick.
  3. Connect memory to any port of Himedia.
  4. Turn off the device, with a clip press the RESTORE key.
  5. With the RESTORE button pressed we turn on the Himedia.
  6. Android logo will appear with the update process.
  7. TV Box will restart at the end.
  8. The restart may take 3 to 5 minutes.


1. Solve the Google play crash
2. Optimization of APP compatibility(Myk+)
3. Solve the system crash due to input method
4. Solve the problem of wallpaper drawing
5. Optimization of language settings
6. Optimization Low resolution code decoding
7. Add support to DVD folder
8. Optimize for seek for gplay old code
9. Optimization of aas subtitles timeline
10. Resolve time zone not saved
11. Media Centre support. Lge ” video file playback
12. Remove addition, tddownload, thunerdb, etc.
13. Join all captions under bdmv folder, don’t need to be in slot
14. Restoring Wifi accidental automatic disconnect
15. Join Support 12:9 Wide screen output output
16. Join the movie play support 2.3:1 play

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