NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.0.2 with improvements for 2015 and 2017 models

Today we have a new update for the NVIDIA Shield TV 2017 and 2015, but it seems we will still have to wait a bit for the official 8.1.0 update for the NVIDIA Shield 2019 model. Without a doubt these are the AndroidTV devices with the best and Longest support ever. The NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.0.2 firmware based on the Android TV 9 Pie system includes interesting additions such as the support for the new Shield TV controller with backlight that comes standard with the 2019 models and substantially improves the previous one.

nvidia shield android 9 pie n01


  • General
    Added support for Shield TV remote 2019.
    Added support for XBOX Elite 2 remote.
  • Accessories
    Fixes crash issues when accessory update notification is seen.
    Fixes bug where IR control would not function when Talkback is enabled.
    Resolves IR volume control setup issues for some Samsung AVR/soundbars.
    Adds IR support for Logitech Z906 Speaker systems.
    Add bluetooth remote support for WeChip G30 remote.
  • Audio
    Resolves issue where audio would not be heard on some Vizio TVs when streaming from VUDU/Movies Anywhere.
    Resolves audio routing issues when using multiple USB devices (e.g. webcam + USB DAC).
    Fixes bug when manually setting “Audio formats” would not be applied.
    Resolves issue where audio passthrough was not available over USB DAC on 3rd party apps like KODI.
    Resolves audio drop issues when playing high bit-rate or DolbyTrueHD streams over HDMI passthrough.
  • General
    Channels DVR app can now store recorded content over NAS.
    Resolves issue where “Match Color Space” was not working properly on some TVs.
    Fixes bug where screensaver would not be displayed in Neftlix.
    Resolves issue where pre-installed apps would disappear.
    Fixes stability issues when connecting to SHIELD from PC over network.
    Resolves issue where SHIELD LED doesn’t pulse after voice command, after enabling that setting.
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