NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.2.2 with significant changes and fixes

The new official NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.2.2 firmware is available for download and installation via OTA. Without a doubt, Nvidia’s Android TVs have the best and longest support ever.

This new update is based on the Android TV 9 Pie system and corrects a lot of small errors and adds improvements. It adds important new features especially in the support of power systems in projectors and other TV brands. We also have changes in AI scaling and update of the Android security patch.

nvidia shield android 9 pie n01


  • Adds support for new Xbox Series S/X and Playstation Dual Sense controllers
  • Adds support for Control4 home automation systems
  • Adds option in advanced sound settings to disable volume control notifications

Instructions for pairing XBox and PlayStation controllers

Start Bluetooth pairing in SHIELD and enter the pairing mode in the driver.

  • PS DualSense: Press and hold the PlayStation and Share/Clip button until the light turns blue
  • XBox Series X/S: Press and hold the pairing button until the Xbox button blinks

Bug fixes


  • Resolve issue where flashing color band would be visible when viewing video in portrait mode.
  • Resolves corruption issue observed at the bottom of the screen when upscaling content to 4K displays.


  • Fixes bug where password for sharing folders on SHIELD over network would reset after upgrade.
  • Fixes bug where sharing folders on SHIELD over network would not work after upgrade if space is present in username.
  • Resolves issue where user could not re-enter Wi-Fi password for low power APs.
  • Resolves issue where some USB connected drives would not reconnect on wakeup.


  • Resolves issue where holding volume up/down would not be detected by some devices.
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD Controller 2017 would not recharge.


  • Fixes bug where manually setting Audio output formats was not working correctly.
  • Fixes bug where audio from USB DAC would not function properly when switching between PCM and Dolby source.
  • Resolves issue where system volume was still being controlled right after IR volume control configured.

Other: Restores ability to take screenshots in 4K (requires display set to 4K).

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