Qualcomm presents its new Snapdragon 865 and 765 platforms with 5G

Qualcomm has just presented two new mobile platforms by 2020, the first the Snapdragon 865 direct successor to its current Snapdragon 855, a SoC that will move all the top of the 2020 range as we will see in the next MWC. This chip for the highest range is accompanied by the new Snapdragon 765 and 765G SoC, a new integrated 7 series that adds the new features introduced with the Snapdragon 865 but with a lower level of performance and a more affordable price, a category of increasingly popular devices.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

As we can see from the technical data the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is a powerful but not spectacular update of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. We continue with the manufacturing process in 7nm although with certain improvements. The highlight is the inclusion of new ARM Cortex-A77 CPU cores against the A76, the inclusion of the Adreno 650 GPU compared to the Adreno 640 that surprises us with the option to update their drivers from the Play Store and for AI we have a NPU which goes from 7 to 15TOPS. Where there are more changes is in the RAM that includes support up to 2750MHz LPDDR5 with 44GB/s when before it only supported 1866MHz LPDDR4X 30GB/s.

In the cameras section we also have an important leap with ISP Dual 14-bit Spectra 480 with support up to 200MPx, something that was necessary seeing the competition. We also have 8K30fps and 4K/120fps recording options and support for Dolby Vision a feature that the previous Snapdragon 855 did not have.

  • CPU: 1x Cortex A77@2.84GHz / 3x Cortex A77@2.42GHz / 4x Cortex A55@1.80GHz / 4MB Cache L3
  • GPU: Adreno 650 / + 25% power / + 50% ALUs / + 50% pixel / clock / Drivers upgradeable from Play Store
  • DSP / NPU: Hexagon 698 15 TOPS AI
  • RAM: 2133MHz LPDDR4X / 2750MHz LPDDR5
  • Cameras: ISP Dual 14-bit Spectra 480 / 1x 200MP / 64MP ZSL / 2x 25MP ZSL / 4K video 64MP
  • Coding: 8K30 / 4K120 10-bit H.265 / Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, HDR10, HLG / 720p960 infinite recording
  • Modem: External X55 2500 Mbps / 5G NR Sub-6 7000 Mbps
  • Process: TSMC 7nm (N7P)

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 and 765G

In the lower step we have two variants, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G somewhat more powerful gaming oriented. In both SoC we have an improvement in the manufacturing process that goes from 8nm to 7nm that will be noticed in energy efficiency. The Kyro 475 CPU cores are updated against the previous 470, an Adreno 620 GPU is integrated with respect to the Adreno 618, which offers us an improvement between 20 and 38% more and for AI we have a NPU with 5.4TOPS. RAM now has support up to 2133MHz LPDDR4X when it previously only supported 1866MHz LPDDR4X.

In the section of cameras with the new ISP Dual 14-bit Spectra 355 ISP we have supports up to 192MPx, an important jump compared to the previous 36MP, while at the level of recording and decoding we remain the same.

  • CPU: 1x Kryo 475 Prime @2.3 / 2.4GHz (765G) / 1x Kryo 475 Gold @2.2GHz / 6x Kryo 475 Silver @1.8GHz
  • GPU: Adreno 620 / + 20% + 38% (765G) power
  • DSP / NPU: Hexagon 696 5.4TOPS AI
  • RAM: 2133MHz LPDDR4X
  • Cameras: Dual 14-bit Spectra 355 ISP / 1x 192MP or 36MP ZSL / 2x 22MP ZSL
  • Coding: 2160p30 / 1080p120 / H.264 – H.265 / 10-bit HDR
  • Modem: Integrated X52 1200 Mbps / 5G NR Sub-6 3700 Mbps
  • Process: Samsung 7nm EUV (7LPP)

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