REVIEW: Makibes HR3 a Smart Wristband with color screen and always-on heart rate

Makibes HR3 is a new sports bracelet that we will see today in our review, a model that counts as an interesting point with always-on heart rate feature and a full color TFT screen that has good brightness. A model with IP67 protection that defends well in sports and that movers away a bit of the usual clones of the leader of the sector Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Let’s see in our review how it behaves and whether it is worth it or not.


ModelMakibes HR3
ScreenTFT 0,96″
SpecificationsCHIP: Nordic nRF52832
RAM: 256K
ROM: 512K
CompatibleAndroid 4.4 / iOS 8
ConectivityBluetooth 4..0
Battery85 mAh Litio-Ion (7 días aprox.)
Bracelet length11 inches
Weight0.7 oz
ProtectionIP67 (submersible)
SensorsTwo heart rate sensors
Proximity sensor
3 axis gyro
Google FitYes
Apple HealthYes
LanguajesEnglish, Español, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Turkish
ContentSilicon Wristband and manual


Package content

The Makibes HR3 model comes in a small black cardboard box with the logo of MAKIBES, inside we find the basic components that accompany this device. A very clear English manual is delivered and within this manual we have several QR codes to download the remote control app for Android or iOS, these app can be found in English and other languages.

Product details

The bracelet Makibes HR3 does not have a breakthrough design, follows the lines of this type of products, simple forms and a core where we have the screen and a touch button to control the system.

The strap completely made of silicone has a locking system with a metal flange and a stopper that behave quite well, carrying it is quite comfortable and you forget about it easily.

The screen, in an elongated form, is a TFT with 0.96″ and good resolution and full color, it has a touch button that allows to change between the functions of the menus, the TFT screen allows to read indoors perfectly and quite well outdoors, better result than an OLED but with a lot of light will be difficult to read it too, when it is turned on at night it is quite powerful and illuminates the room, a size of screen much bigger than that of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and with more resolution, a positive point of this bracelet.

If we disassemble the core of the bracelet we can see the USB connector integrated into the body’s own plastic mold, in this model we have IP67 certification and it works perfectly in our tests with water.


Frontal screen

When turning on the screen of the smart wristband Makibes HR3 we have basic information, we can directly access its functions using its unique touch button on the front. In the watch we have battery indicator, date, Bluetooth connection icon and a bar that counts our steps up to the daily objective. The wristband also gives us incoming call alerts with the contact’s name, whatsapp, alarm and alarm announcements, all with vibration.

If we press once we go to sport mode, pedometer, heart rate monitor. programmed alarms, off and we can also change the wallpaper or the appearance of the main clock. By default the screen turns on automatically when it detects that we turn the hand to look at it since it has a gyroscope although it can be deactivated.

Control app

As usual in these products we can control the Makibes HR3 bracelet by installing the remote control app for Android or iOS from the official stores of these devices. In the first screen we have customizable shortcuts to the basic functions with all the historical information of the measurements.

  • This SI model is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health
  • It has support to unlock phones with Smart Lock

Within the Profile menu we have our user profile that we can customize and synchronize with the MAKIBES cloud, in the Settings section we can activate the Google Fit connection and restart system data.

Within the Management direct access we can connect with the wristband, activate different reminders of apps like WhatsApp, screen control when raising your hand, modify the alarm clock and access the firmware update.

Cardio sensor

In the back of the Makibes HR3 we have two cardiac meters that work correctly as we been able to check, between the two sensors we also have a proximity sensor that activates continuous cardiac monitoring.


Integrated in the bracelet Makibes HR3 we have a lithium battery of 85 mAh that gives us a correct autonomy, in a moderate use of the screen (we recommend to deactivate the automatic ignition when turning the wrist) it can last us perfectly 7 days with a single charge and the recharge is about one hour on a PC. The control app does not involve problems in the battery of our mobile as we have checked.


Makibes HR3













  • Comfortable and resistant
  • IP67 certification
  • Good control app
  • Google Fit compatible
  • Always-on heart rate sensor


  • battery for 7 days


After using the Makibes HR3 smartband for a few weeks we can say that it is an interesting product for the price, a good rival worthy against the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 offering a somewhat different screen. The autonomy is quite good although it is still far from the model of Xiaomi or those who mount an OLED screen, a week is bearable to recharge in any case. This model is compatible with Google Fit which gives it a positive point although today it is not so critical.

The interesting point of the Makibes HR3 is its always-on heart rate sensors that gives us information at all times, on the other hand the software is worked and does not cause problems in our mobile and we also have it in various languajes. The bracelet with its compact mold design with integrated USB makes the IP67 protection very resistant, the bracelet also has a very good fixing system. In general, a recommendable product if we look for an economic and quite comfortable bracelet.


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