Snapdragon 850 the new Qualcomm 4G-LTE SoC for Windows PCs

Qualcomm continues with its focus on Windows PCs and exclusively for them just presented its new Snapdragon 850 SoC a vitamin version of the well-known Snapdragon 845 present the high-end Smartphones. With this new SoC, in addition to boosting the gross performance and battery life, they also bet on 4G-LTE connectivity at high speed since it includes an X20 LTE modem that offers Gigabit Cat.18 speeds.

Microsoft for its part is also doing its job because with the latest update of April 10 Windows comes an ARM version of the Microsoft Edge browser 64Bits, an SDK ARM 64, greater general compatibility, better performance and new audio and video drivers between others.

Snapdragon 500

Snapdragon 850 as we say is a version of the Snapdragon 845, which is manufactured in 10nm too, with eight Kryo 385 cores that now reach 2.95 Ghz and a Adreno 630 GPU capable of playing and capturing 4K video.

This new SoC, according to data from Qualcomm, has some improvements compared to the Snapdragon 835 that in performance would be 30% and in battery life are estimated at 20%, a very substantial improvement that would significantly increase the autonomy of the devices equipped With this Chip, one of the great strengths of Qualcomm, we will see what is left in the real world.

  • Snapdragon 850 will hit the market this year and we found it installed in various devices from brands such as Asus, Lenovo and other big players in the sector that are betting on Windows with ARM in this long-term race.

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