Spreadtrum SC6531 the most sold SoC in China that surely you didn’t know

Not everything is high end in the world of SoC’s and this obvious us with the very humble Chip Spreadtrum SC6531 that has been the most sold SoC in China in April ahead of other options much more powerful with 7.68 million units.

The Spreadtrum SC6531 SoC is aimed at the lowest range of smartphones, has a simple single core with an ARM9EJ-S CPU that reaches up to 312MHz speed and is manufactured at 40nm. It does not include the GPU itself, only has a few multimedia accelerators capable of supporting a touch screen of 480 × 320 pixels of maximum resolution.

As you will understand this chip can not move Android, has its own OS based on Linux with which we can call, listen music, use their radio and little else. A SoC that has its place on the throne thanks to its very low price and the emerging markets of Africa. If you want to get an idea about the type of terminal that you will find with this SOC, you can take a look at this model.

spreadtrum 14nm d01

The rest of the list does not have too many surprises with better-known mid-range and high-end Chips in the top. Anyway it is a very seasonal list subject to large releases of terminals here it would be very interesting to check the annual results to see how things look in the medium term.

Spreadtrum SC6531 SoC

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John from Ukraine

Very little information about this chip. I would very much like the documentation in free access.


Looking for a game developer for spreadtrum sc6531e chipset…If there is anyone, plz send me mail: rafel at dnsgroup dot net