T95W2 the cheapest Android Box with Amlogic processor, only $15

The T95W2 is possibly one of the cheapest TV-Boxes that we can buy, and that also pleasantly includes the AMlogic S905W2 processor as its engine.

This is the typical generic Chinese Box with Android 11 as OS that does not stand out especially in design or inside. Its processor is an Amlogic S905W2 that has no problem being used as a 4K media player and is even compatible with the AV1 video codec and for content up to HDR 10+. An interesting processor within the cheap range as you can see in our Analysis and that is basically oriented to multimedia playback, running apps and emulators.

Naturally, this is not the most powerful Box on the market, but for less than $15 we are not going to get anything better. Keep in mind that it only has 2 GB of RAM, enough for occasional use and as a multimedia player, for example.

T95W2 android box amlogic

T95W2 Android Box Specifications

The TV-BOX T95W2 includes an Amlogic S905W2 SoC manufactured in 12nm soldered on its small motherboard. This chip is a Quad Core with low power ARM Cortex-A35 processors and a MALI-G3 MP2 GPU. This processor is enough to move the Android 11 included, streaming apps, KODI, IPTV and some simple 3D load games that, as always, the CPU is cooled by a fanless heatsink, so we don’t have any noise.

For the T95W2 we have a single version with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 16 GB of eMMc storage memory. It also has a memory card reader in micro SD format that allows us to increase its internal storage capacity.

Other features

In the wireless connectivity section in the Box T95W2 we have for this purpose Dual Band Wi-Fi aC with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.0. As for connectors, on the perimeter of its small rectangular plastic box we find 2 USB 2.0 ports, a 3.5 mm connector for analogue Audio and video, an HDMI 2.0 video output port and an RJ-45 10/100 network connector.

Among the accessories included, we have a simple infrared remote control, power supply and all the necessary cables to start it up right out of the box.

Price and availability

T95W2 android box

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