TRANSFORMERS TF-T07 x X15 Pro: headphones for Transformers fans

Today, we have a look at the peculiar TRANSFORMERS TF-T07 x X15 Pro headphones that also have a succulent rebate during AliExpress’ summer deals.

Headphones that are not a mere copy, as they are licensed by Hasbro, the brand of the creators of the well-known Transformers, which surely many of you have had in your hands. These are a headphone with over-ear grip, with a flexible hook that prevents them from falling during use and open design. They stand out for their Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity, with which we will have a good audio stability and low latency of 0.30 ms.

Its body has IPX4 protection against splashes and sweat, and we have noise reduction during phone calls.



The TRANSFORMERS TF-T07 x X15 Pro is a hook design headset featuring Bluetooth 5.4 low energy connectivity with a range of over 10 meters and low latency. These headphones feature support for AAC/SBC audio codecs that enhance sound quality, 16 mm diameter drivers and a pair of microphones.

In terms of autonomy, these headphones integrate a 40 mAh battery that allows us to play music for up to 4.5 hours autonomously. If we use the case battery has a capacity of 300 mAh we have extra charge to recharge about 20 hours, a case that, on the other hand, is recharged to 100% in 1.50 h and has LED indicators of the battery charge status. To recharge the battery of the case, we have the usual USB Type-C interface that facilitates its connection.

Price on offer

  • TRANSFORMERS TF-T07 x X15 Pro wireless headphones can be purchased on promotion at AliExpress from just $6.27 with free shipping by applying the 47% off code TFT07CHI
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