TUTORIAL: How to install an APK on Android TV, remote control and other tricks


Today we will explain in this tutorial how to install Android mobile applications on the Android TV system, as we have already seen in some of our reviews on this system we have certain limitations when it comes to finding the apps in the Google Play store for Android TV since it only allows apps designed specifically for this environment.

Install Android APK from Alternative apps store

We can try to install the alternative app store Aptoide TV, this store is not available on Google Play to download and install to install it we need to follow the steps of the next point, still there are some Android TV that block installing this app.

Download and install Android APK

  1. Install a file explorer like F-Xplore, Solid Explorer or similar from Google Play on Android TV.
  2. Activate – Security> Restrictions> Unknown sources> We give permission to our file explorer.
  3. Download the APK from some website like APKmiror, APKPure or APK-DL we can do it in two ways:
    – From Android TV by installing a browser such as
    PuffinTV or TV Web Browser to download the APK.
    – From a PC, we download the APK and copy it to a USB, then connect it to our Android TV.
  4. From the installed File Explorer we locate the downloaded APK and install it.


In order to manage and launch all the Android apps that we have installed, we recommend installing the Sideload Launcher app or the App drawer app that allows us to start applications not compatible with Android TV. We just have to look for them on the Google Play of Android TV and install it.


Some applications designed for Android give problems on Android TV since they rotate automatically and do not occupy the entire screen, to avoid this problem we can install the Set Orientation app and set it in Landscape mode.


  • To remotely control Android TV we can use the Android TV Remote Control app, install on mobile or tablet.
  • We can emulate the mouse pointer with the app with the Mouse Toggle app, even on some devices it does not work.


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