TUTORIAL: How to install an APK on Android TV, remote control and other tricks

Today we will explain in this tutorial how to install Android mobile applications on the Android TV system, as we have already seen in some of our reviews on this system we have certain limitations when it comes to finding the apps in the Google Play store for Android TV since it only allows apps designed specifically for this environment.

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The Mecool remote is not user friendly. Is not comfortable to use. Unable to control multiple devices at the same time. A huge step backwards compared to the Firestick remote. Mecool has no usable web browser and no fully functional one to download. PUFFIN BROWSER IS USELESS UNLESS YOU PAY. While the KM2 has Netflix license that doesn’t make it better, especially if you don’t use Netflix. This box does not deserve the high praise it’s getting. The Firestick 2018, 2020, and 2021 are far easier to use and program and you can load a fully functional web browser like… Read more »