UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger, a compact fast charger now on offer

Today we find an interesting offer for the UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger, a charger with GaN technology that offers up to 100 W of power and all the necessary protocols to achieve full compatibility.

This charger is capable of giving up to 100 W at the same time, a product developed by the company UGREEN specializing in chargers and all kinds of accessories valid for PCs, smartphones and with a wide presence in the market. These small size chargers include intelligent power management which guarantees at all times an optimal charge and as fast as possible, supports USB-C and USB-A connections for Android devices, Apple or laptops with fast charging.

UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger

This new GaNFast compliant fast charger includes safe circuitry that protects against overvoltage, power surges, over temperature and short circuits. It includes automatic voltage selection between 110v to 240v and supports all current fast charging protocols Power Delivery 3.0, 2.0 / Quick Charge 4.0+, 3.0, 2.0 / PPS / AFC. The efficiency of these fast chargers reaches the highest levels so that the level of heat generated is minimal.

To facilitate cooling in its design includes a good heatsink and its box is made of a fireproof material. The plug of this charger can be stored by turning 90º, thanks to this function we can transport it more comfortably.

UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger

This UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger includes 3 USB Type-C ports and a one USB-A port with which we can charge in unison for example iPhone, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch and an AirPods.

In addition to the ability to quickly charge multiple devices, the 100 W GaN charger provides more efficient charging. GaN chips can operate at a higher voltage and waste less power by generating heat. The GaN integrated circuit is from manufacturer Navitas, a system that uses other industry leaders such as ON Semi to provide a consistent charging experience that will serve multiple generations of cell phones and computers.

UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger: Pricing and availability

  • The UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger can be purchased from Amazon only for $59.99 using coupon 25UGREEN, offer available between DEC.15-DEC.26 PST.

UGREEN 100w GaN Fast Charger

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