UGREEN Height Adjustable Phone Stand with great discount

UGREEN has just introduced its new economical Height Adjustable Phone Stand. With this stand, we can read comfortably in a suitable position.

With this desktop accessory we have a perfect companion for video calls, Zoom meetings, Facetime, videos and reading content. Thanks to the materials and features of this support, we can have the cell phone fixed on the table safely. A support that allows charging while we use it and supports multiple sizes.

ugreen Adjustable Phone Stand

UGREEN Height Adjustable Phone Stand Features

The design of the UGREEN Height Adjustable Phone Stand is fully foldable and portable. The support base allows us to place cell phones from 4.9 to 7″. In the lower area, we have a hole to insert the charging cable, so we can use it while it is recharging. We can also connect any other type of USB accessory, comfortably use it with a case installed.

ugreen Phone Stand
This stand when fully folded does not take up space, the stand can be easily stored in your pocket and bag for travel. The hooks and base have silicone pads to prevent slipping and scratching.

There is also a heavy metal plate base to prevent the phone holder from tipping over and maintain stability at all times. In the lower area this support has anti-slip rubber, thanks to this feature the system remains fixed to the table without moving.

Price and availability

ugreen Height Adjustable Phone Stand

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