Uniplay U6 a gamepad with ergonomic design, keyboard and integrated microphone

Surely in our ranking of Chinese control devices with innovative designs the Uniplay U6 can win a Oscar as it breaks traditional designs. As you can see the keyboard of this peripheral is in a different plane than the top and includes a touchpad with a generous surface. We also highlight a pair of mini joysticks located on the sides that are complemented by 4 triggers. Within the specs of the Uniplay U6 we also found integrated a microphone and an audio jack where we can connect a headset with a microphone, as you can see this is a really complete device.

Uniplay U6 Mouse

Uniplay U6 is made of ABS plastic and includes a 75-key rubber keyboard with shortcut keys on the top. The communication with our team whether miniPC, Tv-Box, console … is done by a small USB RF adapter and is powered by a removable 800 mAh battery that is housed inside and that is rechargeable by the microUSB port that incorporates one of the sides.

As a curiosity note that this device includes as processor the smallest ARM chip, the ARM Cortex-M0 designed for this kind of hardware.

  • The Uniplay U6 controller can be purchased at Gearbest.com from $35.30 including shipping.

Uniplay U6 keyboard

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