UWANT X100, new powerful mop with double motorized rollers

The UWANT X100 is a state-of-the-art mop with a patented double roller system in launch offer. This design bring to us a double power to keep our house surfaces in perfect condition.

This mop has enough power to even vacuum the hair of our pets, it also offers an integrated blade system that cuts the hair and avoids block knots. This vacuum cleaner also includes two large tanks for clean water and dirty waste water, along with its battery we have a good autonomy to clean our whole house.

The UWANT X100 can remove any type of encrusted or liquid dirt thanks to the integrated system in the brushes. The rollers have independent rotation motor, with this we have assistance in the movement both forward and backward, so we will get tired much less in the daily use.

uwant x100

UWANT X100 specifications

The UWANT X100 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a motor with a force of 250 W that offers a high suction power for good cleaning results. It has different power levels and can be used in different environments, it can clean carpets, the sofa and all kinds of surfaces. This vacuum cleaner has a clean water tank of 600 ml and one for dirty water that collects 600 ml and has a noise level of 75 dB in the eco mode.

At the top of the vacuum cleaner body we find a color LED panel that provides us with all kinds of operating information of the UWANT X100 as the level of dirt on the floor, something fascinating. On the handle we have two buttons from which we can turn on the vacuum cleaner and activate the turbo cleaning mode for the dirtiest areas.

This Cordless All-in-one vacuum cleaner has a built-in intelligent infrared sensor, which detects the degree of contamination of the roller brushes in real-time, automatically adjusts the water volume and suction.

Other features

The integrated battery is 4000 mAh and can reach an autonomy of up to 44 minutes of use on a single charge, the charging time is about 3 hours. This vacuum cleaner offers us a contained weight and for storage it includes a recharging base where you can store some spare parts. Included with the mop is a cleaning fluid, extra roller, cleaning tool and extra HEPA filter.

In the provided base we have the One-touch self-cleaning system to easily clean the device, we will win time and make less effort to disassemble and clean the machine after each use. During this cleaning mechanism, the device activate the patented hair cutting device to clean every possible problem with the air.

Also, this device has his own voice to explain to us every situation, the machine automatically prompts startup, mode control, self-cleaning, water tank status, hair cutting, battery status, etc.

Price and availability

  • The UWANT X100 vacuum cleaner can be purchased at promo price only for $399 with free shipping.
  • You can also get up to -30% discount for the UWANT deep cleaning solutions.
  • In the UWANT Facebook website, we have a giveaway to win great prices.

uwant x100 vacumm

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