Western Digital Elements Desktop with 12 TB now at minimum price


Mechanical hard drives are still by far the cheapest option in high-capacity storage units, where their price ratio for GB is unbeatable. If you are looking for a big storage unit, we find today the WD Elements Desktop external hard drive in its 12 TB capacity version for a rather good price, only $175.49.

An interesting option for its price to give you a home use and store all our multimedia files safely and cheaply.


The WD Elements Desktop 12 TB has inside an hard disk bay occupied by a 5400 rpm unit that comes standard with NTFS format to be compatible with Windows, although naturally we can format it in the system we want as exFAT to with compatibility with Mac.

To connect it to our PC we have a USB 3.0 interface, cable included and it is powered by an external adapter. We don’t have the possibility of encrypting it by hardware, but we can use a software solution. This is the basic disk drive from Western Digital and all the focus is in the price/GB.

Pricing and in-store availability

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