Problems and solutions to fix the Wifi of Android TV-Boxes

In this guide we want to offer a summary of solutions to fix the Wifi of our Android TV-Box, we will explain in simple steps what we can do about it.

Many of our users regularly ask us how to fix the Wifi connection of our Android TV-Box, usually this happens when updating the firmware or a physical problem of our wireless adapter.

  • If you have any doubt leave a question in the comments and we will answer, public answers help others.

wifi android tv

After firmware update no Wifi

If we have updated the firmware of the Android TV-Box and we have no Wifi connection, it is clear that we have updated the wrong firmware for our device. This is more common than it seems and can happen for several reasons, in cheap TV-Boxes manufacturers can change the wifi adapter without notice. As a rule we must have two clear points before updating any TV-Box.

  • We recommend not change the firmware of our TV-Box if it works correctly.
  • Always ask our store for the exact firmware of our TV-Box, although this is not a guarantee that it is the exact file of our device.

Knowing the wifi chip of your TV-Box

There is only one way to know the Wifi chip that we have installed in our TV-Box, you have to open it and look at the reference of the chip that we have on the motherboard. The antennas can be integrated in the board or glued in the box, so be careful when opening the box not to break the antenna cable.

  • In red area near the antennas we have the Wifi Chip, in the upper part it will put the reference of the model.
  • In green area we have the antennas that can have a cable to the wifi chip or some tracks in the circuit.

chip wifi android tv

Reinstall firmware to recover Wifi

The only way to recover the Wifi of our Android TV-Box is to reinstall a correct firmware for our Wifi chip.

  1. Contact your store to order the original firmware of the Box.
  2. Use the search on our website to locate a firmware for our TV-Box.
  3. Installing any firmware without knowing that it is for your TV-Box may render it unusable.

Install restore firmware

Depending on the processor that mounts our TV-Box we have a specific manual to recover the firmware, then you have a compilation with all the links.

amlogic s905w2 n01

Wifi connection and stability problems

Many times our Android TV-Box may have Wifi connectivity but have poor coverage or stability problems with constant disconnections. This may be due to different interferences or conflicts with our router. Some tips we can follow to try to improve the connection.

  • Position the TV-Box in an open area and do not box it behind the TV.
  • Try changing the channels of our router to improve connectivity.
  • It is possible that the 5G channels are not compatible with our Box, change them.
  • Disconnect the Bluetooth connection to discharge interferences.
  • Disconnect devices connected to the USB ports of the Box.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro

Complain to your store

If our TV-Box has Wifi problems and our store does not help us CLAIM, you are in your right and you have effective protections, at least you can have a compensation if it does not work partially or does not meet the specifications that were advertised.

  • Manage your warranty with your store or seller directly, explain the problem and ask for a solution. Document this with screenshots and provide everything you can, photos or videos uploaded to YouTube. If they ignore you or don’t help you it will give you strength to complain.
  • Many stores have PayPal as a payment method, use their protection and claim the money.
  • In the case of AliExpress never confirm receipt of the order before testing it, then open a dispute and send documentation.
  • If we bought from Amazon there is no problem, just return the device.
  • Online stores or PayPal usually rule in favor of the user if the problem is well documented, do not give up.
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I have a problem with X98 PLUS. If I activate the WIFI (even without connecting to the network) the box restarts indefinitely, until I disable the WIFI. This problem occurs throughout the house except in rooms with fewer wifi signals than neighbors. Surely it is a problem of disturbances and it also happened with a TX 3 MINI, always with S905W2 chip. The ethernet connection works correctly. I tried to update the FW but the one I downloaded is not detected during the procedure


You life in a Wifi hell!
Change the channel of the wifi in your router and try.