Xiaomi Mi Max 3 screen 7″ 18:9, Snapdragon 660 and wireless charging

Step by step we have more data from one of Xiaomi’s new flagship smartphone, the huge Xiaomi Mi Max 3 that seems to be incorporating interesting features for its new version. No doubt a benchmark in innovation and design that has marked the line to follow in many models of other leading brands.

xiaomi mi max 3 pre d01

The new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 according to the leaks and data extracted from firmwares published by Xiaomi will have a huge 7-inch OLED screen with 18:9 format, with this screen technology is also open the door to a possible incorporation of the reader of traces under the screen as we have seen in the Vivo Xplay7. Thanks to the design of reduced frames of this family of telephones, mounting a 7 “screen is possible, the previous model Mi Max 2 counts 6.44″ screen so to a certain extent it is not a critical jump if it is compensated with the design of the body.

Within the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 we will have the well-known SoC Snapdragon 660 an Octa Core with a pair of clusters of 4 cores Kyro 260 each. The most powerful of these clusters reaches up to 2.2Ghz while the second remains at 1.8Ghz while the GPU is an Adreno 530. Under the huge screen we will have a generous 5500 mAh battery with wireless charging support, also seems can will have iris recognition for unlocking. No doubt a very interesting mobile for those who look for something big, as big as a tablet.

xiaomi mi max 2 old n01

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