Xidu presents its new line of laptops and mini PCs

The XIDU brand presents its range of laptops, convertibles and mini PCs for this year. Devices that fit the tastes of all users, we have a wide range of products valid for both basic desktop use and professional level. We can find these products at your official store, at the brand’s stores on Amazon or at the great Aliexpress bazaar. We also have discount coupons for several of their products in the official stores, an extra incentive to get the best price.

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Xidu PhilBook Y13

XIDU PhilBook Y13 is powered with incredible technology, designed to deliver pro features at a very affordable price. With the 360 degrees convertible hinge and touch screen, PhilBook Y13 is available in 4 modes. Weighted only at 1.36kg, the thinnest part of PhilBook Y13 is only 1.2cm. Its versatile makes it such an essential device. With the power of intel i5-5257U and Windows 10, PhilBook Y13 can do whatever you need to do. We are thrilled to see how PhilBook Y13 can help people reduce stress. Right now, PhilBook Y13 is available at XIDU Aliexpress store and XIDU Official Store, get $20 OFF with the super early bird access, the final price would be $479.99. Preview PhilBook Y13 at XIDU amazon store , will be available for purchase very soon.

Xidu PhilBook Y13 n01

Xidu PhilMac

PhilMac is an incredible Mini PC by XIDU that supports up to two displays and 4K@ 60hz video streaming. Weighting at 322 grams and scale at 120*120*23, the palm-size PhilMac not only to decorate your desk but to arm your workspace. Utilizing by an ultra cooling fan, PhilMac is powered by Intel Celeron J4115 CPU. PhilMac, Feel Mini. You got nothing to sacrifice but space!

Xidu Philmac n01

Xidu Tour Pro

With the two-color choice, space gray, and rose gold, Tour Pro is your ultimate choice either for work or study. The fingerprint unlock wakes the laptop less than 0.5 seconds, and the 180-degree rotation allows you to share the screen with teammates and partners without constraint. Tour Pro delivers the efficiency that works smarter for you.

Xidu tour pro n01

Xidu PhilBook Max

XIDU product department has conducted thousands of research to find out the most comfortable laptop size for the business traveler. Base on that, they launched the 14.1 inches, PhilBook Max. Equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, PhilBook Max is your best bossiness partner. With the pre-installed Windows 10, you can do whatever you need to.

Xidu philbook max n01

Xidu PhilBook Pro

The XIDU PhilBook Pro is the essential need for student’s everyday use at an affordable price. Equipped with four-mode transformation, PhilBook Pro is the best choice for students no matter price or function. The hinge can support up to 200 thousand times flip, which has been tested by the XIDU R&D department. Never worry about you will miss a due day.

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