ZIDOO V6 a new double-sided Fly mouse for TV-Boxes

ZIDOO has present its new control device called ZIDOO V6, especially conceived for the TV-Boxes of this brand but it can also work with other equipment. ZIDDO V6 is basically a flymouse with two functional sides, in one we have a complete keyboard and in the other the typical of keys of a remote control. As you can see the design is very careful and includes a gyroscope, it’s not the typical Chinese Low Cost fly mouse.


ZIDOO V6 is the typical Flymouse with which we control the pointer by moving the wrists, it has a small complete keyboard on one of its sides while in the other we have the function keys to use flymouse mode. The communication with our equipment, whether miniPC, AndroidPC, Xbox… is made by a small USB RF adapter and is powered by an internal battery that is housed inside and is rechargeable by the microUSB port that it incorporates.

  • You can buy the new ZIDOO V6  Aliexpress.com from $25.56 with free Shipping.

ZIDOO V6 flymouse AndroidTV 955x425

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