70mai Saphr Smartwatch for athletes with AMOLED screen, GPS and Xiaomi behind

We already have available in Chinese online stores the Smartwatch 70mai Saphr, one of these latest smart devices that has received support from Xiaomi.

This Smartwatch is designed specifically for athletes, since it is capable of analyzing Vo2max metrics 24/7, the maximum oxygen that the body can process during exercise and other more mundane ones such as stress level and sleep quality. To reinforce its sports orientation, we see that it includes among other heart rate sensors, barometer, GPS and the ability to monitor 17 sports automatically. As an extra we see that it includes compatibility with the Alexa voice assistant, although of course we can only use it if we have the 70mai Saphr linked to a smartphone.

70mai saphr


The Smartwatch 70mai Saphr includes an AMOLED touch screen with a size of 1.78 inches and a resolution of 348×442 pixels protected with a sapphire crystal and a metal body that resists up to 5 ATM.

The heart of the 70mai Saphr is twofold, since we have 2 SoC’s an Apollo3 and a STM32L4R9, it also includes Bluetooth 5.0 LE for connectivity, GPS, microphone and a 320 mAh battery with magnetic charge. From your APP 70mai Health we can configure all the parameters of the 70mai Saphr and consult all our physical activity.

Price and availability

70mai saphr

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