AMD presents its jump to the 7nm at CES 2019

We already have with us the official launch of AMD products in 7nm, within the expected event of this company at CES 2019. In this scenario they have unveiled the new Radeon VII GPU and the Ryzen 3000 desktop processors based on Zen 2 cores. Products which are added the Ryzen Mobile 3000 processors that we saw a few days ago aimed at laptops.

Of these new third generation Ryzen 3000 processors we only know them in a preliminary way the first specs, but they seem very promising. In a comparison in this event we has been possible to see how the Zen 2 cores have 30% less consumption and get an IPC (instructions per clock cycle) equal to those of their Intel equivalents. These processors are also compatible with the current AM4 sockets and PCIe 4.0 support that can be done with a BIOS update in some board models.

Some very encouraging specs that make the competition even tougher for Intel as we see has its trump card for next year in the 10nm and 3D Forevos processors, we must wait to know the price of these processors which is what will really mark in level of competence. It is expected to see these new AMD processors by mid-2019.

On the other hand has also presented the Radeon VII GPU that jumps at 7nm but still based on nuclei Vega and not Navi, account in its output model with 16GB of HBM2 memory that has a bandwidth of 1TB/s , a direct rival of the Nvidia 2080 for performance but that comes out at a similar price since it stands at $699 and has an exit date for February 7. On the other hand we also have update of the AMD Epyc family for servers that with the improvement to 7nm has a very high performance and efficiency per clock cycle very competitive.

Undoubtedly we are facing a great leap from AMD that is going through one of its best technological moments and this is reflected in its economic results, we hope that this new architecture will soon pass to their APUs where the 7nm will represent a considerable improvement for all levels.

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