AMD introduces new processors for its portable family

Waiting for the big announcements of AMD in the CES of this 2019 for the new processors manufactured in 7nm today we have news in the range of mobile processors with the powerful integrated Vega GPU. These new processors will also have versions for Chromebook for the first time, an interesting market especially in the USA where this type of notebook is number one in sales. Let’s see what this new generation offers us, which is quite continuist with respect to the 2000 series that we saw in a review.

amd ryzen mobile 3000 d01 min

In this new generation we have Ryzen Mobile processors for laptops and Athlon processors for very low consumption or ultra thin models and also for Chromebooks we have two A Series APUs with interesting specifications. Undoubtedly with the low supply that Intel has at this time for the assemblers make this generation very interesting and can take advantage of this moment of weakness of the rival to win market, something that for now has not achieved.

Under the nomenclature 3000 we have new Ryzen Mobile processors that improve performance over the previous 2000 series but basically assemble the same Zen+ kernels and Vega GPU we already know, products ranging from two to four cores and reach eight threads , the consumption ranges between 15 and 35W.

amd ryzen mobile 3000 n01 min

As a novelty the Athlon 300U model mounts two cores and four threads, a Vega 3 GPU and 15W TPD consumption. A model that surely adjusts the price a lot, as we saw in the review of the Athlon 200GE APU a few weeks ago and the sure performance that is very similar with the logical cuts to control the consumption.

On the other hand, the new AMD A4-9120C and AMD A6-9220C low consumption APUs are focused on competing with the Celeron and Pentium thanks to their consumption of only 6W TPD, a product focused on Chromebook in entry-level products. A pity that these processors continue with architecture at 28nm and a Radeon R5 GPU instead of a Vega. If they were based on Zen+ Vega would be ideal to see them in Chinese laptops, would be a good alternative to Intel products that currently have no stock.

amd ryzen mobile 3000 n03 min

A very interesting novelty is that now Radeon drivers will be unified and mobile processors are supported by default, which is very necessary to speed up the releases. There are already several products announced with support for these new processors, we hope that they have a better penetration in the market so that the competition increases.

amd ryzen mobile 3000 n02 min

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