New leaks show future AMD Ryzen APUs with RDNA2 integrated graphics

AMD Ryzen processors and powerful Ryzen APUs with integrated Vega GPUs have been with us for years now and today we have data on new processors with next-generation RDNA2 graphics solutions.

In the data leaked and completed by some users we can see how possibly in 2022 we will see again an AMD desktop processor with an integrated GPU and also the jump will be interesting because we will move from a Vega GPU to a RDNA2. An integrated graphics solution that would come only to some ranges of desktop processors as for Intel.

amd ryzen logo n01

This new RDNA2 graphics solution can already be seen in the new generation PS5 and XBOX Series S/X consoles in a custom version, undoubtedly a great leap in power. It will also be accompanied by the new DDR5 memory, ideal for boosting the performance of the shared memory used in these systems, and we will also have new Zen4 CPU cores manufactured in 5 nm if the factories recover the pace of production, although we will have to change the socket to AM5 to support it.

On the other hand according to the leaked data we can see that also the Ryzen APUs for 2022 would receive these integrated GPUs, but surely they will take a slower pace in the evolution of CPU cores as happens in the updated one. It seems that we will see first a jump to 6 nm and then another to the 5 nm, in the next products we will have support for DDR5 RAM. In any case as we see we will have to scratch our pocket if we want to jump to RDNA2 by the change of RAM and the AM5 socket.

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