Apple ready to launch its streaming service

It seems that we will soon have another streaming service available soon, Apple prepares to present its service on March 25th. For this event he has already sent invitations to celebrities of the sector such as J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Garner as well as other directors and actors who will surely be involved in their own productions for this new service.

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With the decline in sales of the iPhone it seems that the bet to the services model is a good alternative, being iTunes is one of the main income capital roads of the company is not a bad idea to offer this option to its current subscribers. This new platform will be available in a myriad of devices because, as we have seen, Apple has begun to offer AirPlay 2 to all the Smart TV brands that have requested it, a move that had the purpose of facilitating access to this future platform.

The business model will be identical to rivals Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and the future Disney+ that is sowing terror in the sector with its huge threat of exclusive content. We will have a good selection of own content by Apple, several projects in alliance with Sony that seems not to want to start their own service and third-party content such as series, documentaries or movies.

For now we do not know the price of this new service but if you want to compete with your rivals you have to offer similar prices where you will play with the iTunes subscription. As is logical, it will be perfectly integrated into iPhone, iPad, Apple TV devices and presumably it will have its Android app for phones and Android TV for Smart TV’s as its Sony partner. It is expected that the launch of the service is this summer, we will see how the competition counterattacks.

Apple TV 4K

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