Apple AirPlay 2 will be integrated into the new Smart TVs and Smart Speakers

It seems that Apple has offered manufacturers the option to integrate AirPlay 2 into any device, a smart move as it helps expand their ecosystem and encourage consumption in their iTunes media store. Soon we will have this system integrated in TVs Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio and LG for 2019, also has compatibility with Siri and Homekit to remotely control these devices using this system.

samsung itunes ces 2019 n01

In addition to these models of Smart TV we have many Smart speakers models that will adopt this remote control protocol which will allow us to use that system in more devices. From the control of our Apple phones we can send orders to all connected devices to perform functions through Homekit or send content.

In addition to the integration of AirPlay 2 in Samsung TVs, we will have the iTunes app which will allow us to buy content directly from this service on our Smart TV. As we see the AirPlay 2 system can coexist without problems on Android TV devices or with any other OS for Smart TV, what we will not see with certainty is iTunes on Android TV.

samsung itunes ces 2019 n02

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