ARM presents the Mali-G52 and G31 GPUs with improvements in IA and Vulkan

Today ARM has presented its new GPUs Mali-G52 and Mali-G31 aimed at the consumer market, the G52 model is aimed at devices such as Smart TV and mid-range or high-end phones while the G31 is aimed at more economical sectors. Undoubtedly some products that we will see integrated into all types of SoC as they provide improvements in sectors with high demand such as Artificial Intelligence and Vulkan graphic acceleration.

ARM Mali G52 G31 d01

We will still take a while to see these GPUs within a SoC in the market. For now, only the reference design has been presented, it is certain that variants of these products will also emerge. In the data that ARM has offered the new Mali-G52 GPU model for the medium and high ranges we have improvements in the power of 30%, in the efficiency of 15% and in “machine learning” what is specific hardware for Intelligence artificial 3.6 times higher compared to the previous GPU Mali-G51.

ARM Mali G52 n01

On the other hand the Mali-G31 model focused on the low or medium range in principle has Bifrost technology inherited from superior ranges, this offers us improvements for Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.2 for this range of products. According to the data presented by ARM compared to a GPU Mali-G51 MP2 we have a reduction of 20% in the size of the chip, a performance improvement of 20% and an improvement in the use of the user interface of 12%.

In addition to these new GPUs, the Mali-D51 screen processor and the Mali-V52 video processor, two products designed to assist GPUs in the specific fields of video signal processing, have also been presented. These processors perform hardware tasks of image scaling, composition and other video processing in real time up to 4K @ 60fps. Thanks to their specific design for this use, they download GPUs for work and improve consumption in these areas.

ARM Mali G31 n01

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