Beelink Expand X, a HUB to connect our PC and Smartphone

From Beelink we receive the announcement of a new device called Beelink Expand X, a peculiar HUB to which we can simultaneously connect our Smartphone and a PC.

A similar concept to the one we have seen in the mini Beelink GTR Pro, which has recently successfully completed its financing, as we can also connect our Smartphone to this mini PC if it is compatible.

Beelink EX D1 n01

In the HUB we have two USB 3.0 connectors to connect keyboard and mouse (usable in the PC or in the Smartphone), HDMI video output to connect a monitor where we can see the video signal of the Smartphone in a monitor, USB Type-C connector for our Smartphone (it has to have USB 3.1 Type-C function compatible with video and data) and auxiliary power connector to power the mobile avoiding it to be downloaded when it is always on. In the base we have a button to change functions between PC and smartphone.

Beelink EX D1 n03

The Beelink Expand X HUB has an articulated arm that allows us to hold our Smartphone or tablet in a comfortable reading position. A support that added to the connectivity to another screen and the ability to operate the mobile with mouse and keyboard gives it an additional utility.

Beelink EX D1 n02

In the video you can see how it connects and the functions that this new HUB allows us. For now there is no exact date of release, but we will have the Beelink Expand X in a month at the most and it will be on sale. The price will be around $40 (33€) and we will find it in many online stores.

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