Brands shopping week, coupons, discounts and rebates on Aliexpress

The next day August 26 starts The brands shopping week in the well-known Aliexpress online store. A promotion where we will have offers of all kinds in this store, with daily flash offers, brand promotions and the best selling products of Aliexpress. As always the discount coupons are the start and in the AliExpress coupon center we can get all kinds of coupons from day 21. During these days we can also get coins from Aliexpress by just adding products to our basket that we can also exchange for coupons.

Brans Shopping week

We also have already active from August 21 to 31 the Fip ‘n’ Win Game, a minigame where you have to raise a couple of cards under which you hide various prizes such as coins, AliExpress Coupons, Sellers Coupons and various Selection Coupons, all valid from August 26 to 31 when the key week of the promotion begins.

Good luck with the hunting of coupons and offers, more info on the page of The brands shopping week.

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