Control your miniPC with Windows from your Android or iOS phone using Intel Remote Keyboard

Finally we have an official Intel application with which we can control the miniPC with Windows OS from our Android or iOS devices. This is a small app called Intel Remote Keyboard and can be used very easily.

intel remote d01


  • Download the server to install on our PC
  • Download remote control app for Android from Google Play Store
  • Download remote control app for iOS from iTunes


To start using this app we simply have to install the server in our mini PC and run the application so that it stays in the background, next to the Windows clock we will have an icon. In our Android or iOS mobile we need to install the remote control app that we will run to connect with the PC.

intel remote n01

The procedure to pair and verify the two devices (Smartphone or tablet and miniPC) is very simple since it is done by a QR code that will appear on the screen where we have connected our miniPC. The app for Android or iOS is very basicbut we can use it for the most commons tasks.

intel remote control pc n02

Using the remote control app

As in other control apps we will have a tactile area and a virtual keyboard that we can hide when we want, we also have multimedia controls to play content and voice input.

intel remote control pc f001

Although basic, we have access to very interesting options since the system is multi-touch and we can execute various functions such as touch zoom without problems. Hopefully Intel will improves this app little by little giving it more options.

intel remote control pc f002

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